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10 Thoughts About Investments That Will Keep You Up At Night

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 in Finnance, Investments |

We all invest something, whether it is the time or the energy, money or matter. The thing you invest doesn’t really matter, what matter is the profit, or the dividends – in other words, how much of the invested thing you are expecting to get in return.

Furthermore, all investments are just a form of risk. You may not be glad to hear this, but it is the truth. Because investments are such a big part of our lives for each and every one of us, I bring you the ten most dreadful thoughts about investments which will surely keep you up at night, if they already haven’t done so.

10. What If My Asset Becomes Worthless?

You buy the asset or item with the hope that in the future it will reach higher price, therefore allowing you to make profit. But, here’s a thought to keep you up at nights – what if that never happens? What if the worth of your asset plummets down suddenly and rapidly?

9. Should I Dare to Invest in Investments With Long-Term Outlook?

So, you are into the long-term relationships with investments, right? Let me just ask you: what if after that super-long period you end up with nothing?

8. Am I Using The Full Potential of My Asset?

You are using your asset’s full potential, right you are. Are you? Could you use it a bit more? Quick, go put your thinking capon!

7. I’m Bad At Managing Money.

Again, you know how to manage your money; you are absolutely, positively the right man/woman for this money handling of yours. Are you absolutely sure about it?

6. I Never Should Have Taken That Risk!

Regretting past decisions is a train to nowhere. Literally, it will take you nowhere, why take that path? Are you a masochist who enjoys torturing themselves?

5. I Should Have Taken That Risk!

I will repeat, in case you haven’t been paying attention: regretting past decisions will take you nowhere. Learning how to learn from past decisions in order not to make similar mistakes in the future, will.

4. I Should Have… Then I Would Have…

Thinking about things you could have done differently can only benefit you in the way that you will think of different strategies which you will be able to use in the future. Remember, none of this really happened. It’s all in your head, dear.

3. First I Will Do This, Then That, Then Naturally I Will Definitely, Certainly…

The expression “don’t count your chicken before they hatch” exists for a reason.  Don’t get over-excited. Take it slow.

Investment2. What If I Fail?

If you are too afraid to take risks you should not get into investment business. This business is all about the risk-taking, looking ahead, never wallowing about the past – much like real life.

1. I’m Lousy At Investments!

Remember, if you never try you will never fail, but you will never succeed either. So, be brave!